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Hotstar App Download: If you are looking free online entertainment app then, Hotstar is for you. The Star channel built the application. It has all the channel and shows of Star TV. Moreover, you can watch live streaming of cricket and other sports. This is the reason behind the massive following of Hotstar in India. We all know that cricket, is not a sport in this country, it is a religion. Therefore, when something provides free streaming of cricket it is worshiped. However, that is not the only feature of this entertainment app. As we finish this article, we will tell how to download the app and about its features.

Hotstar App Download Feature:

The app features many things. This is a personal tv in your pocket. What could be better and having the remote of the TV with yourself forever! The application works on any network.

User interface – The interface is very smooth and stable. People get suggestions and categories on the home page. They can also search for their favorite shows.

App size – The application is very lightweight. It will consume only 20mb of your space. However if you use the download feature, the space will increase accordingly.

Internet connection – If you have wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G, or any type of connection it will work. It has video quality setting for the type of connection.

Download – Yes just like YouTube, you can save your favorite video or movie in the app when you are in wifi zone. This is a great feature for the people who to watch movies on their Smartphone.

English shows – Now Hot star also provides popular American shows like Game of Thrones also. However, this is a premium feature. We will talk about the premium subscription later.

Total control – Watching shows on Hotstar gives you total control. You can pause and resume watching whenever you want.

Live streaming – If you are not at your home for the important match, you can always watch it on the go. Hotstar shows live streaming without any delay to its premium customers.


Hotstar App Download is available in every platform. Does not matter is you are an android, iOS or windows user. You can download it anywhere. Moreover, it is available for laptop/PC also. However in PC you can simply watch online using your browser.

Steps to download the Hotstar app:

It is very simple to download the application in your phone or tablet. It is a three-step process. Follow the directions below.

  • First, visit the store of android, iOS or windows phone.
  • Next, make a quick search for Hotstar.
  • Now click on Install.

The application is free and it will download in few minutes or seconds depending on your internet speed. We recommend downloading via play store or other stores. Do not install Hotstar APK file. It can harm your phone.

hot star app download

Hotstar Premium:

Although Hotstar App Download is free, the real entertainment starts with premium subscription. The charge is Rs. 200 per month. Fortunately, you get a one-month free trial. So if you do not like the service you can cancel it later. Comment below and share your experiences with the app.

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